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Anti-theft nut

Protector Nut & Security Cap

The OIL & GAS ANTI-THEFT NUT quickly adds

much needed security to the petroleum industry. Engineered from scratch to create an all new solution.

oil and nut pulled apart
security cap

Security Cap - Tough Exterior

More than meets the eye. A threaded, 200 ft-lb torqued security cap is only the beginning of the security features. This first barrier must be removed with the proprietary tri-pin end of the included driver bit. The asymmetrical pin pattern acts as a disguised security feature.

Disguised security feature:

Pins are not symmetrical as they may appear.

tri pin bit
tri-pin nut protector nut

Protector Nut – Strong AND Unique

The strength of the Oil & Gas Anti-Theft Nut assembly is the Protector Nut. The steel hardness and shallow keyway geometry gives would-be thieves nothing to grab onto. The perfectly matched driver bit locks onto the tapered keyway fins allowing incredibly high torque.

Enigma Key Coding – 131 billion keyway variations. These twists and tapers of the keyway can only be replicated by the same machine that created the original key-code. Any counterfeit wrench can not engage sufficiently to apply the required breakout torque.

Oil & Gas Anti-Theft Nut

7 Levels of Security
  1. Security Cap torqued 200 ft-lb
  2. Asymmetrical tri-pin pattern on Security Cap
  3. Proprietary Protector Nut keyway profile can’t be matched
  4. Protector nut handles extreme torque up to 800 ft-lb
  5. Unique driver bit engages very shallow keyway profile fins leaving nothing for theives to grip onto
  6. Outer shroud spins freely frustrating thieves
  7. Hardened, heat-treated steel

Currently Available In:
1”8, 11/8-8, 11/4-8
4130 material
Rockwell hardness RC 50-55

ASTM A325 Type 1
Available with Brycote™
300 hr salt spray coating

Custom Made:
Can be produced to match any bolt size to meet customer needs. Can be coated to customer specifications to match operational environment.

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